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     Automation Solution Technology was established in January, 2005. We are authorized distributor in Thailand. The Products of Precision Automatic Dispenser, Static Electricity Removing Equipments (Ionizer) , Pneumatic Components and Machine & Conveyor Elements, We are capable to provide Technologies and know-how to solution the needs of factory automation products with most active growing High-Technology of Electronics and Semi conductor Industrial also OEM Machine & Conveyor maker, Our Sales and Marketing Team are well trained in the products and strong supports from the overseas principle and business partners, we are able to provide and developments of our efficiency services to our customers in the good quality products and their equipment machine.

We provide the sales and services to main products listed as below :

Link to Products Detail on Picture as below : -


  > Precision Automatic Dispenser & Accessories  
          - Precision Controllers - Shotmatic Series,  Rotary Tubing Dispenser RM Series  
          - Disposable Barrels & Adapter assembly  
          - Metal & Plastic Needles, Taper Tip Needles, Precision Nozzles etc.  
  > Dispense Valve System with Stainless Tank & Accessories  
          - Teflon diaphragm valve, Needle valve, Poppet valve  
          - Stainless Tank - 1 liter , 3 liter , 5 liter ,  10 liter  
  > Static Electricity Removing Equipment & Accessories  
          - Blow type, Fan type, Free Space type, Air Gun type  
  > Fiber Optic Cables  
          - Reflective type & Through-beam type  
  > Pneumatic Control Automation Components & Accessories  
          - Air Cylinders, Solenoid valves  
          - Quick Fitting, Speed Controller, Muffler  
          - Air Filter - Regulator - Lubricator  
          - Vacuum Generator & Pads  
  > Machine Elements & Accessories  
  > BC105 Belt Conveyor Elements  
  > AC Gear Motor for Conveyor  




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